About Me

(get used to the bold-faced bracketed introductions)


My name is Casey and yes, to answer your immediate question, that is my surname; I’m not a huge fan of the letters ‘J’ and ‘P’ as a first name, however, so it’s Casey. KC. Kay-see.  I am also genderfluid and my pronouns are they/them. I’m telling you all of this right off the bat so that if you find active interests in another’s names and pronouns repulsive, you’ll at least be able to hate-tweet me at @jp__casey with the right names and pronouns, which is something.

This site grew out of an old blog on WordPress where, for about three years, I wrote near-daily posts. Now that I am slightly older – that is to say, more tired and cranky – and work as a journalist full-time, I can’t spin out as much material like a hamster frantically running around a wheel, but there will be occasional posts on here about what I’m up to, and some, presumably, terrible takes on the things happening in the world.

I hope you find things at least not tedious beyond words, and can tolerate my weird aesthetic preference for headers to be right-aligned.