About Me

Hey there,

I’ve been writing for years, from when I was a kid writing confused gamebooks based on the Fighting Fantasy series, to my recent gig as an English Literature student at University College London. I’ve written for magazines here at UCL, entered poetry and prose competitions, and run a fair few Twitter accounts, live-tweeting sporting events to an audience of exactly two people. I don’t write in a particular style, nor do I limit myself to only a few written media. I just write.

This blog – not my first, and not even my first with this in mind – is my attempt to write regularly. To write about me and the things important to me. To write about whatever I feel like, with some restrictions, of course.

Hopefully you’ll get a better idea of who I am from what I write rather than the list of adjectives I belch at you in an attempt to make you not immediately hate me, but such lists can be helpful. So here goes: I’m a straight edge, genderfluid graduate who goes by Casey and they/them/their; I’m a punk and a vegan and an athlete, a social media badgerer and an avid video gamer who spends most of their time convincing people games are not only an art form, but the most groundbreaking in history; I’m a fan of black nails, Rise Against and the Classical Art Memes Facebook page.

Is that list the sort of thing you wanted? Hope it helped.

Hope we can be friends,