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(I barely remember how to do this thing any more)



Is this thing on? Is anyone out there? Is this joke entertaining yet?

It’s been a while, huh? October 13th, last year, was the last time I wrote some words to appear on your reader, and since then so much has happened that I’m only going to briefly touch on them to avoid a 16,000-word update post, which I think we could all do without.

I have stumbled into a job, which involves writing news and features about mining for a business-to-business website, that pays me enough money to both afford rent and purchase video games so I am very content on that front. I have resumed played football following a four-year absence, and am grappling with the realities of having watched a lot of football, and so have quite a firm idea in my head of how the game should be played, the correct positions to assume, and the right passes to make, and also a complete inability to make my clumsy feet enact any of these grand plans when the whistle is blown. I spend most of my time playing Dungeons & Dragons, watching other people play Dungeons & Dragons, or making games that I could lose my life to instead of Dungeons & Dragons.

A byproduct of these engagements, however, is that I have little time or inclination to write outside of these projects. I’m churning out ten mining articles a week – amusingly, on a site hosted on WordPress, so it’s really quite like I never stopped the daily blogging thing – and so my evenings and weekends are spent in a kind of infantile, pre-literature stupor, where I eat and run and roll dice and do everything in my power to not tap out sentences on a keyboard because so help me God I need a break. Similarly, as I am both a control freak and a loser, my Dungeons & Dragons preparations tends towards the obsessive over the loose; I’d rather name all of the 514 inhabitants of a town in advance, just in case the players interact with them, rather than trust in my admittedly poor improv skills to name them on the fly, as and when they’re needed.

But I want to start writing other things again, things free from the professional requirements of my job, and from the social obligations of role-playing. I have some ideas for what I want to do – ideas that may or may not involve sports in some way – but for now, the shoddily-headered spaces of this website seem as good a place as any to get back on the horse, to get back to writing things primarily for myself, that will have significance over time as I look back on them as snapshots of myself, rather than things that will have significance immediately, in how well they are received by an editor, or how effectively they drive on the story in the desert city of Razak.

I am also interested to here how you – and here I must take some liberties to assume that some of my old bloggy friends are, indeed, paying attention to this site – are doing! It has been too long since I did this – any of it – and am eager to if not plunge headfirst into the relentlessness of daily blogging again, then to dip my toes into the shallow end of the endless pools of metaphor, before shivering, deciding it’s all a bit pretentious for me thanks, and I scuttle back to my room to play Disgaea 5.

Before the inevitable, scuttling, however, let’s see if we can do this thing again.

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