My Projects

I’ve written a lot of stuff – some good, some bad – and feel I ought to mention it to you in case you’re interested; so here’s a full list of my projects:

The Game Shelf

The project I’m most proud of; this is a gaming magazine I started with four of my university friends, and tries to take a more academic and critical approach to gaming, combining traditonal reviews with opinion pieces about the artistic and intellectual value of games. I’m the founder, editor and writer for this one.


A sports magazine that seeks to expose corruption in international sport, particularly the world of martial arts; I’m a writer and editor here.

Public Pressure

An indie arts and culture magazine that I write for; I’ve talked about YouTube, NOFX and the Straight Edge movement.

Pi Media

UCL’s biggest student magazine (trademark)! I’ve written a fair few sports articles for this, focusing on dodgeball, karate and rugby.


UCL’s new arts and culture magazine; I’ve posted articles on TV anti-heroes and punk gigs on here.

UCL Societies
UCLU Dodgeball Club
UCLU Karate Club

I manage the communications and social media for both of these clubs, so if you want to read some of my more sports-themed jokes, head to these societies’ respective Twitters.

My old blogs
Writings of James Patrick Casey
The Zone of Proximal Development

These sites are, in order, my old personal blog, my old blog for my works of fiction, and a collab blog I started in 2015 with two of my friends. I don’t post on them any more for reasons I’ll probably elaborate on on this site at some point, but they’re there if you want to check them out.

Hope some of those are of interest,